Redding Real Estate ~ Is Customer Service Still Alive and Well?

j0433195Redding Real Estate ~ Is Customer Service Still Alive and Well–As I live my life in this rather hectic environment we have all created with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and the world of technology in general, I have seen a lot of improvement in how people do things. I can see the effects of Social Networking and how it has helped individuals and their business. I would predict that we will now see it more and more move into the Business arena. It has begun and it will be interesting to see how it affects the way companies do business.

I for one don’t find many businesses that embrace Customer Service and putting their Customers first. I can think of a few that come to mind and that would be GoDaddy, Lowe’s and Lexus.

I recently had an experience with Google that was the “Anti-Customer Service” experience when it comes to Customer Satisfaction. You cannot talk with a person at Google. They have this incredible automated system that by far is not perfect or helpful. There is no way to contact a live person at Google. In my efforts to simply renew a Domain Name, I had to call “GoDaddy” for support. They confessed that they have a number they can call Google with, however they are by contract not allowed to release the number and they could not help me…again by contract. I lost the Domain Name and there was little I could do. I felt as if Google yelled at me….WE HATE YOU AND WE DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Now that is Anti-Customer Service.

How about AT&T…..oh I love them. I needed to separate my bill so that I could allocate one part to business and one part to personal. I was told it would cost me $20.00 more a month to do that. Again….it’s like WE HATE YOU AND WE WANT TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO BE MEAN TO YOU! What ever happened to Anti-Trust Law AT&T? I’ve ordered a digital phone system that runs off my internet and I’m killing my relationship with AT&T! Woohoo….that makes me feel good!

I’m not sure here….who is leading the way as far as the best Customer Service, Google or AT&T?

Well and Bank of America…..oh my….we’d better not go there. Four letter words are not a good idea when blogging and I personally have a policy against mean four letter words… we will leave this one alone.

I would hope that as Social Networking has helped individuals embrace a transparency about who they are and how they do business that the same trend will move into the business world. Oh….I know we rather can’t see AT&T on Twitter, however as the blogging world continues to blog about how the Consumer gets screwed over and over….one would think they would have to address their business practice.

Bank of America is an example where the word getting out about the fact that they were not doing loan modifications or approving short sales, forced them into change. Now that is powerful!

Redding Real Estate ~ Is Customer Service Still Alive and Well–I remain hopeful for the future that as we in the world of Social Networking and the Blogosphere continue to address the nature of own personal lives and experiences, we will continue to have an impact on business and how the Consumer is better served. I believe that the term came about to represent honoring the Customer and making sure their experience was satisfactory. Those companies that excel at Customer Service and get ratings of Excellence will lead the way for the future. I can only hope those that don’t are DOOMED!

Here is the Forbes link to the latest Survey on Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Large Business. Enjoy and remember who’s doing what to whom!

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