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Redding CA – Redding Real Estate -Listing and Selling Your Home–it’s not rocket science on how to sell your home. It is however a complex model that involves real estate experience and knowledge, technology and professional marketing. We sell our listings and we do that because we pervasively market our listings on the WEB. Jeanean is a Top Producer with 14 years of experience in real estate. We were the Top Producer for our Company in 2013 and received the Top Agent Award for Closed Units for the Real Living Franchise, nationwide 2012. We are seasoned WEB developers and own our own Software Development Company and we are professional marketers. We sell our listings.

Location—is the one element that we cannot change and sets the fundamental range of market value for your property. The more upscale and prestigious the community you live in the better will be the market value

Price—is the most important aspect of getting your home sold. You must be competitive in price for Buyers to perceive the value and choose your home over the competition. If you are priced above market value then Buyers will choose other homes because they are a better investment opportunity. All the marketing in the world cannot sell a house that is over priced.

Condition—determines a critical component of market value and what price you can sell your home for. If you have maintained your home and there are no issues or deferred maintenance, you will be able to expect market value for your home. Older homes that are updated or remodeled will have better market value. Deferred maintenance and problems that need to be repaired lower the value of your home. You can sell any home in any condition as long as you provide the incentive for the Buyer to take on the repairs or deferred maintenance. That means Price = Condition. Problems or repairs mean a lower market value and price.

Redding Luxury Homes - Jeanean GendronPresentation—is a key factor in selling your home. If your home is cluttered, dirty and messy you can equate that to the fact that it will NOT sell. Buyers will buy homes that need repairs but they typically won’t buy messy homes. Staging a perfect home to provide the Buyer a vision of the lifestyle they can enjoy in your home sells homes. A touch of flowers and clear counter tops are all invitations to Buyers to fall in love with your home. Flowers in the garden and the lawn mowed mean you have loved the home. Buyers buy homes that have been loved. Clutter and mess kills the deal.

Availability—Buyers need to see your home and accommodating showings is very important. If you have dogs, then be prepared to take the dogs and go for a drive. It’s not fun but it’s the right thing to do. Buyers need to see the property and a garage that is off limits because your dogs are barking and growling is not the vision we are trying to sell. Keeping the house ready to show and being prepared to be able to show within an hour’s notice is important. It is best if you can take a drive and allow the Buyers and their Agent to visit with your home in privacy. Valuables must be put away safely and the house must be prepared to be shown. Your listing agent will work with you to make sure the house is secure and that your valuables are safe. Your listing agent my be required to be available for all showings based on need.

Beautiful Signage—Homes sell because there is a sign and people drive by and call to learn more about the property. It is not one thing that sells your home but all the things we do to give Buyers information and to give your property exposure. Drive by Buyers buy homes. It is not the only way that homes get sold but it remains a key element that can sell your home.

Working with the Right Realtor—is critical to your success in selling your home. You will need a Realtor who understands the trending real estate market and how to price and market your home. This means that this Realtor sells a lot of homes and has years of experience in dealing with real estate. The goal of your Realtor is to protect you and to conduct a safe transaction that achieves your financial goals.Redding Luxury Homes - Jeanean Gendron

Photography and Marketing—Beautiful photography and marketing are so important in providing the Buyer with the experience of the property. If the marketing materials are compelling then the Buyer engages and wants to know more about the property. They are pre-sold before viewing the property. Video and “telling the story of the property” is what marketing is all about. When we can convey what the actual experience of what the property is like, we have successfully presented to the Buyer the lifestyle possibilities. Selling the lifestyle is what Buyers want to buy. 

Marketing the WEB—technology and marketing have changed in the last 10 years drastically. It is imperative that your Realtor understands technology and how to effectively market your home on the WEB. You should visit their websites and Google their name to see what kind of WEB presence they have. They should have multiple websites and a presence on most Social Media sites. Selling you home no longer involves just putting it on the MLS. Social Media Marketing allows us to create a circle of engagement for Buyers to find your home on the WEB. We are able to pervasively market the WEB through our websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other Social Media Sites. We target our local, regional, national and international Buyers and they find your Home on the WEB. When we understand SEO and how to rank at the top of Internet Searches, the result is that your Listing is found by Buyers and is SOLD!

SReal Estate Social Media Marketing Engagementyndication—to the major real estate sites. Marketing to the MLS and the local real estate agents is fundamental. Utilizing the photography and marketing materials for the MLS and syndicating your listing to the major real estate sites. Zillow, Trulia and provides major exposure for Buyers to find your home. Your home’s presence on these sites will be beautiful and compelling. It’s not one thing we do but all the things we do that result in your home selling.

Redding CA – Redding Real Estate – Lisitng and Selling Your Home – Marketing the WEB – MARK IT SOLD–Selling your property in Redding CA is simple. When we bring together the right components to pervasively market your property, the result is that we sell your property. Combine the right price point, beautiful marketing (photos and video), target the right Buyers and pervasively market the WEB,  the result is your property being SOLD. With 15+ websites, we are able to target and market to the local, regional, national and international markets.

Redding CA – Redding Real Estate – Listing and Selling Your Home – Marketing the WEB – MARK IT SOLD – Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Unique Properties–what you need is an experienced real estate agent that knows the trending market and understands the power of technology and marketing the WEB. We have over 15 websites that we use to pervasively market your listing on the WEB. We target Buyers looking for the lifestyle and property you have developed. It’s not rocket science, it just connection. 90 percent of Buyers search on-line for the properties they are looking for. We make your listing available so that the right Buyer can find it. 

Mark it SOLD!

Marketing Lifestyle

Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Unique Properties–We love where we live and work and we love our listings. This is why we specialize in marketing and selling unique properties that have been developed to the highest and best use of the land. It is a privilege to market a well developed property that promotes a lifestyle Buyers are looking for. It’s not really about a price range but about the lifestyle and the Buyer who will find that it has value.


Redding Luxury Homes - Jeanean Gendron

Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Unqiue Properties

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SELLERS: FREE MARKET VALUATION–If you are looking to sell your home in Shasta County, CA or in the Redding CA area, we specialize in marketing and selling unique properties. We SELL our listings. With a pervasive web presence (15+ websites/blogsites) we are able to target specific Buyers interested in your property. With the right price point, beautiful marketing and by knowing who our Buyer is, we are able to sell all our listings. We provide the Buyer with the tools, information and knowledge they need to identify and buy the right property here in the North State. We have Buyers contacting us to relocate to the North State daily. MARK IT SOLD!

BUYERS: If you are looking to relocate to the North State download our free RELOCATION GUIDE. It has local demographics and photos of the beauty of the surrounding areas. We love living and working here in Shasta County, California. We are photographers and so we share the beauty with you. We also provide you with a FREE MLS ACCOUNT for ALL ACTIVE LISTINGS IN SHASTA COUNTY, CA. You are able to save searches and receive email notices for new listings. Real time data that helps you understand the market values in Shasta County, CA.

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