Redding Real Estate ~ Technology and The Handshake ~ Solutions for the Future!

Redding Real Estate ~ Technology and The Handshake ~ Solutions for the Future!

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Redding Real Estate ~ Technology and The Handshake ~ Solutions for the Future!–The question for the day is where will technology take us next and how does it affect the future of real estate. I see it daily, those real estate agents that are not moving or changing to meet the current market conditions. I think on occasion how much I have learned in the last two years and I wonder how I got where I am.

What helps one agent see the future differently than another. I am enamored by technology. It fascinates me and intrigues me. I believe this is in part due to the fact that one cannot possibly guess where it shall lead us.

Just a little over four years ago, we were learning about real estate websites and virtual tours. We had not conceived of dedicated property websites or high def video. The podcast had not made the scene nor the viral video. How exciting is it all. Each newly discovered and clever idea is so delicious to me. I love learning what is the next great thing.

Mirror that with my love of real estate and meeting new clients. The only thing that parallels my love of technology is that completely rewarding and great feeling of having helped a client reach their real estate goals. Staying in touch with my clients is as important and as delicious to me as that new technology idea.

Redding Real Estate ~ Technology and The Handshake ~ Solutions for the Future!–For me they are a blend and I see them as a very integrated solution that we will offer our clients in the future. The handshake of technology and the handshake of relationships with our clients. How better can we support our clients in the future than by providing knowledge-based services that help them make good real estate decisions.

Jeanean Gendron

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